“A mind once stretched,” posited Oliver Wendell Holmes, “never regains its original dimensions.” This is my favorite educational philosophy! Indeed, the mission of the General Studies curriculum at MHS is shaped by respect for our students’ minds and belief that with a cultivated mind, each student can and will achieve great things. 

Our learning environment is both serious and creative at once. Our girls quickly learn that learning—the process itself—really matters. And we help them reach this truth by presenting them with curricula, case studies, and cultural experiences that really matter. With our team of exceptionally gifted educators, our girls learn to think clearly, write cogently and communicate effectively. They learn to think about their thinking— to use dual perspective, follow an analysis, and detect biases around them. They also learn to make their thinking clear both to themselves and to others.

Yes, the rumors are true. Our standards are robust and our girls work hard. But they delight in knowing that they are expanding and enriching their minds, and moreover, that they are learning to stretch their own minds, independent of us.

We are located in the heart of Manhattan, a metropolis architected by great minds — a metropolis that illuminates our classroom learning with so many rich cultural complements. Come visit and observe the magic for yourself.

I look forward to greeting you personally, showing you around our charming schoolhouse, and exchanging ideas about how to best support girls’ education.

Estee Friedman
General Studies

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